Long Distance: Gold for Lisa Risby and Piotr Parfianowicz

Lisa Risby from Sweden and Piotr Parfianowicz from Poland became the first winners of JWOC 2013. They won the long distance race in Odolov.

The Swedish girls dominated today`s 7.1 kilometres long distance race. Lisa Risby won with the time slightly over 60 minutes, 47 seconds ahead of Sara Hagström. "I really like the terrain, I love hills, so it was absolutely perfect. It was hard to keep the right height and I also think it was hard to choose the route choices,” Risby said in the finish. Bronze goes to Ekaterina Savkina from Russia who lost 54 seconds to Risby.

Lisa Risby from Sweden is the new World Champion at the long distance!


The long distance race for men was 9.9 kilometres long with 620 metres of climbing. The best junior was the Polish Piotr Parfianowicz who won with the time 69:21. Florian Schneider from Switzerland lost 1:16 to the Polish and he won the silver despite of long-lasting health problems during his preparation. Russia won second bronze medal thanks to Andrey Kozyrev.

Piotr Parfianowicz from Poland is going for gold!


You can find results and all the information required here.


Courses of first three women: Lisa Risby, Sara Hagström, Ekaterina Savkina

and first three men: Piotr Parfianowicz, Florian Schneider, Andrey Kozyrev


First batch of photos can be found here.


JWOC 2013 continues tomorrow with middle distance qualification in Radvanice.