Middle distance qualification is over and you can look forward to tomorrow`s final. Nice and technically difficult races waited for the competitors in Radvanice. None of the biggest favourites missed out on the course and the battle for the gold will be fought tomorrow.

Isia Basset heading to the finish.


Juniors were divided into three qualification groups. The individual heats in women`s category were won by Isia Basset from France, Lisa Risby from Sweden and the British Lucy Butt. The runners, who were expected to be in the final, lost too much time to make it, are Anine Ahlsand from Norway, Emmi Jokela from Finland or Amanda Falck Weber from Denmark.

Thor Nørskov wins men's heat C.


The fastest men were the Latvian Rudolfs Zernis, Sindre Rønning Huber from Norway and Thor Nørskov from Denmark. We will not see Ludwig Ljungqvist from Sweden or Andreas Sølberg from Norway in the final.

The final A starts at 11:30 for women and at 13:45 for men on Wednesday.

Pictures and results published.