JWOC 2013 is over, long live the JWOC!


Petr Kadeřávek | 7.7.2013

Hotel Černigov is empty, competitors travelling home (or being there already or at WOC even), arenas dismantled, organizers recharging their batteries...

Both for us and for you, months (or years) of preparations and work towards the JWOC 2013 are over. Both we and you tried to do the best. Both we and you will (probably) hardly forget this event.

Thanks to JWOC (and JWOC Tour too) competitors, as well as other team members for coming here, thanks to all spectators for caring about the atmosphere in the arenas, thanks to all organizers, volunteers and others involved. Thanks to heaven for bringing such excellent weather.

After the relay race, Milan Novotný, JWOC director, symbolically handed over the IOF flag to Bulgarian trainer, who stood in here for those, who are now on that difficult way, whose target seems to be now still so far away - the JWOC 2014, which will take place on 21-27 July in Borovetz. Just after that, Milan declared the JWOC 2013 closed. 18 hours later, he personally hauled down the transparent in front of the hotel's entrance.

The JWOC 2013 is over.




And this was the start line, Trondheim, 12 August 2010. Official introduction of our (though already repeated) candidature. A few days later, we got the green light.

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