Petr Kadeřávek | 9.7.2013

Some of JWOC runners were given the chance to gain experiences from WOC too, though because of that very tight schedule, not many felt so strong to undergo such marathon.

Not surprisingly, none of JWOC 2013 runners was on start of WOC Long qualification in the morning after banquet :) , but we could find three (1 x W + 2 x M) on the start list of sprint qualification: Tsz Ying Yu (HKG, born 1993), Ivan Fomiciov (MDA, 1994) and the JWOC sprint bronze medalist Tim Robertson (NZL), born in August 1995, therefore now still only 17 years old! The oversea runners therefore utilized the acclimatization for the other part of the globe, but Ivan too had already in the Czech Republic long way behind him, as the Moldovan team travelled to Prague by a bus from Chisinau (at least 1,600 km and 26 hours...).

But too hard fight, none of them has done it for the final, though Tim stayed only 20 seconds behind the time necessary to manage it.

All three were on start of middle Q on 11 July too. In the startlist of this race, we could even see more of JWOC 2013 runners, for example Austrian girl Anna Simkovics-Nilsson. But again, all of these were in a role of spectators during the final.

All four mentioned then took part in relay, both girls on the 1st leg, both boys on the finish one.

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