Prize giving ceremony and concert

On Thursday, long and middle distance prize giving ceremony starts at the Masarykovo náměstí at 17:30. Medals and diplomas will be awarded to 6 best women and men.

After the ceremony, from about 18:50, you can look forward to the performance of the Czech music band Charlie Straight.

Long Distance: Gold for Lisa Risby and Piotr Parfianowicz

Lisa Risby from Sweden and Piotr Parfianowicz from Poland became the first winners of JWOC 2013. They won the long distance race in Odolov.

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The queen and the king of middle distance will be crowned on Wednesday. The final will be broadcasted on Thursday by the Czech Television. It is held in Radvanice and is expected to be technically difficult and very interesting race. The courses are 3.0 kilometres long for women and their final A starts at 11:30. Men start at 13:45 and the course of 3.6 kilometres is waiting for them.

GPS TracTrac will be available after the race, because of the collision with the TV broadcast.


First photos from race are available on Facebook stream.
middle final middle final


Startlist with runners' profiles on

- women with photos

- men with photos

- women without photos

men without photos


On Tuesday, Middle Distance Qualification is held in Radvanice. Technically very difficult courses are waiting for all the juniors, who are divided into three qualification groups. The terrain of the race is full of stony slopes, cliffs, boulders and uneven ground. First competitors start at 12:00.

All the information required are to be found in bulletin 4. Startlists will be updated.

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JWOC is on its start line

Right at the beginning, Long waits for competitors. And it will be really long day, with runners starting from 9.30 until 14.24. Follow the Live page, check to read all you need to know, and post your tip for winners for women and men.

Adjusted startlists on worldofo:

Women with pictures

Men with pictures

Women without pictures

Men without pictures

Handouts from 1st TOM

Promised handouts from the 1st TOM you´ll find for download at For Teams page.

Dear sports friends


Please allow me to welcome you warmly to the Junior World Orienteering Championships which will be held in Hradec Králové and nearby surroundings. I am very pleased that Hradec Králové is the host city of this event of world importance, especially in such an attractive sport as orienteering is. I am fully confident that young runners from all over the world will find not only interesting courses in our demanding nature, but also that they will discover the unforgettable and kindly atmosphere of our city supported by the hospitality and friendliness of the local inhabitants...

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The very first JWOC map available - Event Centre


Hotel Černigov is the home of this JWOC - accommodates majority of JWOC participants, hosts the Event Office and Team Officials Meetings and serves also as JWOC shuttle departure point.

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You can download it here.

Less than one week to start


The last one of the regular Monday's sessions of organizing team took place yesterday,

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Model events - detailed info

Here comes detailed information about model events, including JWOC shuttle transport timetables. Each bus will visit two model events during one trip.

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How to get from the airport


Here you can see an itinerary of a journey from the Prague airport to Hradec Králové by public transport.

The greatest hits of '93-'95!


Czech team members, as you never seen them before; each alone, but all together; at the moment of their maximal training effort!

(made by tk)

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