TV record of the race Middle final

Live TV broadcasting Relay

JWOC at TV Bye bye!


Opening ceremony (by Petr Kadeřávek)

Opening ceremony (by Petr Hap)

Arenas crew during JWOC (by Karel Hausvater)

Start crew during JWOC (by Fanda Charvát)

Opening ceremony, technical model (by Michael Vambera)

Start team on long and middle Q (by Jiři Čečka)

On the finish line (by Petr Kadeřávek) Long final

On the second last control (by Petr Háp) Long final

On the finish corridor and passage through arena (by Michael Vambera) Long final

Start and around (by Jiří Čečka) Long final

Second last control and around (by Petr Kadeřávek) Middle qualification

Finish corridor (by Michael Vambera) Middle qualification

Start and around (by Jiří Čečka) Middle qualification

First photos from middle final Middle final

Finish corridor (by Michael Vambera) Middle final

Second last control, finish corridor (by Petr Hap) Middle final

Middle final - collection of different moments Middle final

Control 38 (the last one in stones), A final only (by Petr Kadeřávek) Middle final

Oficial ceremony - Masaryk square Sprint & relay model

Long/middle medal ceremony, concert, flagged hotel Sprint & relay model

Long/middle medal ceremony, concert (by Petr Hap) Sprint & relay model

Medal ceremony and around; hotel (by Petr Kadeřávek) Sprint & relay model

Sprint race and sprint medal ceremony Sprint final

First half of the race (by Petr Háp) Sprint final

Last/spectators control, finish corridor (by Petr Kadeřávek) Sprint final

Around controls 17M/15W and the last control (by Michael Vambera) Sprint final

Czech selection (by Jan Drbal) Sprint final

First photos from relay Relay

JWOC relays Relay

Relay (by Petr Kadeřávek) Relay

Relay (by Petr Háp) Relay

Relay (by Michael Vambera) Relay

JWOC photos Bye bye!

Banquet (by Petr Háp) Bye bye!

In front of the hotel and also elsewhere on the day of departures Bye bye!


Long teaser - The Battle Long final

Middle teaser - Funny boulders Middle final

Charlie Straight is inviting to their concert Sprint & relay model

Sprint teaser - Tricky stairs Sprint final

Relay teaser - Bloody bushes Relay

All JWOC videos Bye bye!

Another photos

Facebook photo stream

Another videos


Four Shades of Orienteering - JWOC2013 teaser 2

Czech motivation 2012

Charlie Straight is inviting to their concert